Friday, June 22, 2007

The Wary Financier

BR: "Don't never give yer munney to a broker. A lotta people don't know that. He'z in the business to buy 'n sell; the more he buys 'n sells, the more munney he'z gunna make. So whaddya think he'z gunna do with yer munney? Ah knew this guy who went off trustin' a broker -- that broker went thru about $250,000 a that guy'z retahrment munney. He hadda go back to work. Ah think he'z an exporter now."

I should hope so. That heroin isn't going to smuggle itself.

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spicoli said...

you know, it could be, these are all coded conversations concerning smuggling. of butt-berries/mackduhnulds/stolen boats.