Saturday, June 9, 2007

This Requires a Post

Yes, you can read this in the comments, but this necessitates its own post.
spicoli said...

The other side:
BR: "How you doin'?"
Billy Bob: Pretty good except for the strawberries in my butt.
BR: "Umm hmm."
Billy Bob: They're stuck.
BR: "Strawberries."
Billy Bob: I'm googlin' how to get em out. what's that nin-ternet address?
BR: ""
Billy Bob: Oh yeah i found it. I sent ya muh email program yesterday.
BR: "Tryin' to senjer 'dress book? It's easy."
Billy Bob: Yeah i taped muh dress book to a box of KFC.
BR: "Is that what you call finger-lickin' good?"
Billy Bob: Huh? heh. heh he.
BR: "Heh heh heh."
Billy Bob: Heh.
BR: "How's the weather up thar?"
Billy Bob: Hotter than blue blazes with strawberries in my butt. there's gotta be nine-y of em in thar.
BR: "You sure it's nine-y? It's prolly sevenny-five, but you call it nine-y. Anythin' above sevenny-five."
Billy Bob: I gotta go find the kool whip.
BR: "Awrightee. Later!"

It turns out, you CAN make this shit up. But thanks to spicoli for finding the Rosetta Stone. I was otherwise lost.


spicoli said...

i wish i could say it was some great feat of intelligence, but most of my experience in this genre comes from working with billy bob, billy ray, clem and homer.

i am, however, deeply honored that a comment could actually make one of my favorite blogs.

have a nice day, and tell yer momma n them i seen em over to tha wal-mart, they done boughtcha a CB player ovuh thar.

Stacey063 said...

OMG, I'm reading all your posts and comments, jus'ketchin'up ya know....these two posts had me laughing so hard, I had to stop working! How do you sit there day after day and get anythin' done???