Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Movie Review

Spoiler Alert: If you have not seen the film and do not wish for BR's in-depth review to ruin your enjoyment of the movie, please do not read any further...

BR: "Ah watched that moohvie Gost Rahyder last nite; yew know the one with ole Nicholas Cage? Kayhnda uh weird moohvie. He made a pact with the devul, sold his soul then ended up beatin' him tuh get outuvit. His father had cancer, 'n so ole Nick made a deal with the devul to give him his soul if the devul'd git ridda his father's cancer. He 'nis dad worked at a carnival, jumpin' all kindza stuff like helicopters, trucks, football fields 'n all that jazz, just like Evel Knievel. His dad got cured 'n said he felt great, so he went ahead 'n jumped a buncha buses 'er summin' -- he done killed hisself in the process. Ole Nick says to the devul, he says, 'Ah thought yew wuz gunna cure him?' Devul says, 'Ah did cure him, but Ah didn't say he wuzn't gunna dye.' Heh heh. Jus' goze tuh show yuh, be careful wutcha ask for."

Wise words. Take heed, readers. Especially if you ride motorcycles at a carnival.

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spicoli said...

*cue music* the devuhl went down to jawja...he was lookin for a soul to stee-yul.