Friday, November 2, 2007

Middle East Solution

BR: "Them people'z bin fahytin' fer fifdeen hunnerd years. It'z gunna take a long 'mounta tahyme to change their behavyer. Every ginerashun hasda change a little bit. When enuf changes bin made over tahyme, then you'll see sum differn actions over thar. The U.S. wint through that, breakin' away frum Spain 'n Anglund.

Sez here they got two hunnerd fifty'a them Taleeban surrounded. We otta jus' drop one bomb 'n git rid of 'em all. 'Er gimme an M-16; Ah'll give 'em a boost. Make 'em see Allah real quick."

Ah, yes. I've heard of this plan. "The Camp BR Accords." What could possibly go wrong?

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