Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Economy, Retirement and an Exit Strategy

BR: "Thar's only one econumy 'n that's Azhuh. Yew know who the biggist investers are in the US markit? Juhpan 'n Chahyna. Thay got mostuv our munney. More investers from thar then all them oil countries. 'N it'z all communications. Used to be, sumthin happined here 'n it would take a week to git to Juhpan. Now sumthin happins, thay know it in milisecunds. Maybe evin mahycrosecinds -- depinds on how long it takes fer them lahyt waves to git over thar.

Scary thang is, niney-six percint'a peeple in the US have liss then tin K in thar retahyrmint. This one woman had between six 'n nahyne K 'bout three years 'fore retahyrmint. Thay sed, 'Yew think yer gunna be able to retahyre?' She sed, 'Yeah!' Wrong! She had no inklin' what it takes to retahyre.

'N if'n the democrats get back in, all them tax cutz is goin' away. 'N if'n Hileree gitz in, thay gunna start takin' fahyve percint'a yer saleree fer 'the unemployible'; that's what thay call 'em. That's win Ah'm leavin' the country. Ah ain't givin' nobody fahyve percint'a mah saleree fer doin' nuthin.'"

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