Friday, November 16, 2007

The APR Consultant

BR: "Ah got this credit card 'n Ah noticed that the intrist rate wuz sky hayh. Twenny-for point nine nine percint. Whin Ah opened th'count, it wuz nine point nine nine percint. So Ah called 'em up 'n sed, 'Wye did mah rate go up?' Thay sed, "Well, sur, thar's a klaus in the contract sez we kin raise the intrist rate at inny time.' Ah sez, 'OK, well have Ah bin late in mah paymints?' Thay sed, 'No sur.' Ah sed, 'Have Ah bin over mah limit?' Thay sed, 'No sur.' Ah sed, 'OK then, how 'bout Ah jus' pay the balince rahyt now 'n close th'count.' This gurl sez, 'Oh sur, but wye? U've bin a valyewd custimer since 1987!' Ah sed, 'Well, y'all're sockin' it to me! That rate is suh haygh, Ah'll jus' close th'count.' She sez, 'Wait a minit sur; let me git an' -- what do thay call it? An APR consultint... 'Let me git an APR consultint on the lahyn.' Ah didn' know what an APR wuz. So this gahy comes on the lahyn 'n sez, 'We're gunna reduce yer APR to fahyve point nine nine percint. Ah sed, 'Well thank yew very much.' Kin yew believe that? Thay dropped it twinney percint. Ah bet thay do that to everbody; thay jus' jack up the intrist rate 'n rip yew a new what. 'N people either don' notice it 'er think thay can't do nuthin' 'bout it so thay jus' keep payin' it. 'N all yew gotta do is call 'em up 'n ask 'em to reduce it. Ah wonder how many people thay're rippin' off lahyke that everyday. Prolly millyens. Jus' goes to show, yew gotta stay 'lert or thay'll gitcha. A lotta people don't know that."

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