Monday, August 13, 2007

Roach Clip

BR: "Ah wuz down fishin' et the coast, 'n Ah was lahyin' in bed Saturdee nahyt. Felt sum-uhm walkin' on me. Thought it wuz a rat. Turnz out, it wuz one-na them water roaches. Ah tell yew wut, thet wuz one big ole roach. Ah wint down to the Walmart 'n baut six canza that Hot Shot Drahy Fog. Can sez y'only need three fer the howse, but Ah baut six. Set them thangs off 'n win Ah came back, there wuz twelve'da fifteen dead roaches. They wuz startin'ta lay eggs 'n Ah figgered it wuz tahyme to kill 'em all. It wuz only $9.88 fer three canz 'n Ah baut two packiges. Gud thang too, cuz Ah'm gunna have to do it agin here in three weeks."

How, um, lavish.