Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Brother, Can You Spare a Dollar?

BR: "Ah come outta 7-11 'n thar wuz this homeless gahy. He wuz warin' a hat that Ah recugnized. I assed, 'Yew a [XYZ] member?' He sez, 'Yeah!' Ah sez, 'Me too!' He sez, 'Yew gotta dahller?' Ah sez, 'Nah, Ah hadda uze a credit card here in 7-11. Ah didn' have no change.' (Ah did have munney, but Ah wuzn' gonna give none to him.) He sez, 'Ah reeley need a dahller fera cuppa coffee.' Ah sez, 'Well, come on back insahyd; Ah'll bahy yew a cuppa coffee an' a do-nut.' He sez, 'Nah, Ah jus' need the dahller. Ah'll git the coffee later. It'z too early fer breakfest fer me.' Ah KNEW he wuz lahyin'. Prolly gonna bahy booze 'er cigerettes. Yew jus' never know."

That BR sure is sharp. Who could imagine a homeless person lying about how he would spend a monetary gift?

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