Friday, August 24, 2007

Philippic in F Major

Wow. My hands hurt from the transcription.

BR: "This cuntry'z goin' tuh hell. Yew know what thay wanna do? Start the North Amerkun Yewnyen. Thar won' be no more USA. Won' be no doller no more; we'll have a currency jus' lahyk the Euro. That'z uh fact; thay've dyevulged it. That'z their ultimate goal bye twenny-twenny. That'z wut the Democratz want. Thay want yew tuh share yer wealth with the resta the cuntry. Gotta bail out all them defaultin' morgiges. Are yew kiddin' me? N' look et them commercials. Get a six hunnerd thousin' doller morgige fer twelve hunnerd a munth. Ah know a gahy wint to buya howse 'n the real estate lady wuz in kahootz with the morgige broker. She sez to him, 'If yew fahynance with us, we kin gitchu a three hunnerd thousin' doller howse fer a low payment.' So yew know what thay did? Thay baut it. Since thay baut it in the las' seven munthsa the year, thay didn' hafta pay no taxes. But then the enda the year come 'round 'n thay owed 'leven thousin' dollers in taxes. The taxes started gittin' figgered inda their morgige payment 'n it went up two 'n a haf tahymes wut thay wuz tole. 'N giss wut thay hadda do? FORE-CLOZ. 'N that's happenin' by the thousins."

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