Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"Pipe on a Plate"

BR: "Bes' shremp Ah ever had wuz on thet cruze ship coupla yeerz ugo. They wuz 'bout eight eenches lawng an' 'bout an eench 'n a quarder in diamedur. Peece'a pahype on a playt. Thay had 'em split open on the playt served wit garlik 'n buttur. Man, them thangs wuz gud. Lahyke eatin' lobster."


Anonymous said...

Best shrimp I ever had was on that cruise ship couple years ago. They was about eight inches long and about an inch and a quarter in diameter. Piece of pipe on a plate. They had them split open on the plate served with garlic and butter. Man, them things was good. Like eating lobster.
Besides the bad grammar and making fun of this person's accent, how is this funny/strange/interesting?

Stacey063 said...

Happy Blog Day! Love that post, I'm going to keep reading your blog! I was referred here by one of your friends promoting you for Blog Day - nice to see what you are all about! You can find me at
Have a Bloggy Day ;)

Frank Barone said...

Uh, anonymous, have you read more than just this post? It's funny BECAUSE of the bad grammar and accent; it's strange because this guy thinks he's an authority on everything but can't even spell; it's interesting because every office has a guy like this (although the guy near my cube isn't nearly as verbose as this)...