Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Eulogy (of Sorts)

BR: "All that rayne [in the south] bin cauzin' all them riverz 'n lakes tuh fill up. Yew hear 'bout that stupid cuple? They had thayr chayle in the water down in the Gulf. Thet current wuz so strong, it ripped thet kid rayht outta hiz daddy's armz. Washed 'im rayht out inda the Gulf. He'z crab bait now. They never see thet kid agin. Sharkz done eatin' on 'im, crabz been done eatin' on 'im. Those peepul don' even have a mind; it'z jus' total stupidity. You jus' hafta be ignernt. Gawlee. Feel sorry fer kidz lahyk thet -- parents 'er idiots 'n the kid takes the sufferin'.

Thar's no worse death then suffocatin' 'er drownin', which is the same thang."

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