Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Warranty Swindle

BR: "Endid up bahyin' a TV fer mah bedroom last nite. Took that ole 27" back uptuh th'other house. Didn't have no TV up thar -- well, Ah take that back; Ah had uh 5" TV. Got tarred uh watchin' that lil' ole thang. Heh heh.

Mah sun-in-law bin tryin'da git me to bahy a plasma -- Ah said Ah ain't bahyin' no plasma for a bedroom. The one Ah bot'z a little smaller than 27" but it'z nahyce 'n sleek. Th'other ones looked lahyk cheep black plastic. [Editor's Note: He could've killed two birds with one stone by buying a refrigerator with a television IN it.]

Anyway, the reason I'ze tellin' ya this is 'cuz they had an extended warranty, two years parts 'n labor for $17.88. Ah cudn't believe that so Ah plopped down that munney. Yuzhuh-lee that kinda warranty costchu $60, $70, $80. Yew can almos' bahy a new TV fer that. Ah don't see how they can do it. Ah think it'z 'cuz they don' havtuh honor it 'less yew got the policy 'n the 'riginal sales receipt. Ah alwayz scan mahyne 'cuz they print them thangs on thermal paper. They do it on purpose so that receipt'll fade. Then yer outta luck."

This is good advice. I've never heard of any retailer retaining computerized records of your purchases and warranties. Maybe if they did, they'd have my address to send me junk mail.

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