Thursday, July 12, 2007

Consumer Report

BR: "We baut one'a 'em Frigidaire dishwashers, all made outta plastic. Don' tell mah wahyf that. That thang was so loud you cudn't even hear the TV in the next room. Needless to say, that lasted 'bout a munth. Went overda Lowe's 'n baut a stainless steel Bosch fer $657. Ah'd never buy 'nuther Maytag. Ah had a Maytag 'frigerator 'n my 37-pound grandaughter wuz climin' on the door -- broke it off. $937 fridge 'n a replacement door wuz $436.57 plus shipping. Furget it.

They trydda sell us a fridge with a TV in it. Wut a waista munny. Had 'n ethernet port to hook it upda th'Internet. Yer jus' payin' $400 fer a stupid TV in yer fridge.

Yew know who owns Maytag is Whirlpool corporation. Baut 'em out 'bout a year ago. Maytag ain't Maytag anymore. 'N yew know wut? Whirlpool makes all the Sears products too. People say, 'Wye donchu buy a Whirlpool?' 'N they say, 'Naw, it's a piece a junk. Ah'll buy Sears instead.' But it's the same thang. 'N K-Mart owns Sears now. K-Mart, Sears -- it's all a buncha legal rigamarole with LLC corporations. A lotta people don't know that."

You may officially stop your subscriptions to Forbes, Business Week and The Wall Street Journal; they have been rendered superfluous.

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