Friday, July 20, 2007

Time to Re-Tire

BR: "Mah sun needed some new tars, 'n Ah offered to pick 'em up fer 'im. Ah thought they wuz normal tars, but man, wuz Ah wrong. They wuz tractor tars. 42" in diameter 'n 20.8" wahyd. They must weigh 'bout 450 pounds a piece. Mah sun said they cost $989 each. That's a buncha munney fer a tar.

Anyway, they put 'em in mah truck 'n Ah started to drive off. Ah said, man, Ah need to tie these things down 'er they're gonna fall off. Mah wahyf saw wut Ah'ze doin' 'n she said, 'No way.' She callz up mah sun 'n sayz, 'Yer gonna have to come git 'em.' So he sayz, 'Ah-ayght, Ah'll come git 'em with mah trailer.' So at 1:45 this mornin', he gitz me outta bed sayin', 'Ah need help loadin' these tars.' Spent an hour outside loadin' them thangs onda that dang trailer. One uvem rolled off the tailgate uh the truck 'n hit that trailer. BOOM! 450 pounds hittin' that trailer makes a big ole noise. Needless to say, that screwed up mah nahyt. Didn't git back to sleep 'til 3:00 'er 3:15. Ah even hadda take 'nuther bath; took me ferever'd scrub off all that black rubber. Gawlee."

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