Wednesday, December 5, 2007

We're Big in Japan

BR: "Boing! Man this rubbur ball won't quit bouncin' -- sumbuddy needs to git a hold of it... [Editor's note: Kind of like your ramblings.]

Thay need to put that two trillyen back that thay borrowed from the hiway transpertashun fund. Back whin ole' Clinton wuz in office, they took two millyen, shoot, two billyen -- wait, 'scuse me, two trillyen from the hiway transpertashun fund 'n spint it on somethin' else. Yew know what the nashunul debt is? Nahyne trillyen. Four years ago it wuz four 'n a haf. In ten years, we're gunna be in a big ole' mess. Hell, we already are, but if the Chayneze 'n Japuneze decide to sell all thar U.S. trezhree notes, we'd be bankrupt. Thay got us over a barrell. We cain't do nuthin' cuz thay own so many trezhree notes. Ah gotta stop talkin'; Ah'm jus' gittin' more upset the more Ah thank 'bout it."

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