Friday, December 28, 2007

Hand Off - The Aftermath

BR: "Ah wuz readin' an artikul on Yahoo 'bout that tyegur. The zoo direktur publicly admitted that the rail wuz too low. He jus' opened that city up fer millyens and millyens of dollers. He sed he knew 'bout it when the AZA came out (yew know, th'Merikun Zoo 'Sociation), but thay didn't say nuthin' 'bout the hahyght, so he didn't do nuthin. That wuz three years ago.

Wut he shoulda done to CYA, he shoulda asked the city for munney to raise it. If thay sed no, he woulda covered his tail. When thar's a potential lawsuit, you don' come out 'n admit the mistake in public. 'Less yer an imbisul. Guess he is an imbusul. Guess he didn' realize that somebuddy would file a lawsuit. Them people wuz tauntin' the tyegurs, but the lawyers gotta prove that. Needless to say, he's gunna lose his job over that."

Gee, ya think?

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