Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Raze the Titanic

BR: "Wen yer on a cruise 'n yer gunna debark, it takes a lotta action to git them two thowsind passingers off. Sum people thank it's their personal moterboat -- it jus' don' work that way.

What's 'mazing is how them ships iz welded together. Thay gotta be dun jus' rahyt 'er giss wut? Thay'll break apart. Mosta them ships iz dubble-hulled.

The Tahytanik wuz dubble-hulled, but thay made two mistakes [Editor's note: Someone call White Star Lines immediately. They'll want to hear this.]

One wuz with the secund hull; the hull only wint up to 'bout atey percinta the ship. Above that point thar wuz nuthtin' thar. The water wint over the toppa that hull 'n into the compartmints.

'N two: them compartmint doors. Ah think thay left 'em open."

Brilliant. I can just see BR as the investigator on the scene: "Hay, d'jew leave them compartmint doors open? Ah betcha did. That's whay thet ship dun sunk..."

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