Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Will the Boat Be Stolen?

This should have been much funnier. The first line held such promise...

BR: "Yesterday, Ah spent the whole day on the side uh the road. No food, no water, no nuthin'. One a 'em springs broke on mah boat trailer. Ah tried to get sumbody to tow me, but the prollem wuz nobody had anythin' to tow a 24-foot trailer. So this guy stops -- you know he used to work for uh oil refinery? [Editor's Note: I must confess, I did not know this. Did you?] -- an' hez got some hi-tensile steel cable he sayz we can tow mah boat with. He said he knew somwhere we could take it, an' Ah didn't have nowhere else to put it ('cept the side uh the road), so Ah agreed to move it to the place he suggested. Ah hope hez a trustworthy fella, else Ah might be outta uh boat."

This story is indeed true, as I heard it repeated without variation ELEVEN TIMES.


cookie said...

nay. that's damn funny. can't wait to find out what happens to the boat. but can you really trust ex-oil refinery workers?

spicoli said...

ex-oil refinery workers...displaced katrina victims or land pirates? you decide.