Thursday, May 24, 2007

Perils of the World

BR: "Ah don't think Ah wanna go to New York. One a 'em ole stupid maniac muslims prolly have a suitcase atomic bomb, just on the day Ah visit.

Ah know a guy, he converted to a muslim. He went from being a good guy to a maniac. He got weird beliefs now.

Ah been to Chicago, that's good enough for me. You been to Chicago, you been to New York -- just a big city. This guy told me don't go down this street, don't go down that street -- Ah said "Wye?" He said you git mugged. Even the cops don't go down there 'less they got two or three of em. It's just like that movie with Chevy Chase; you stop at a light 'n they strip your car right while you're sittin' there. Just like National Lampoon."

1 comment:

cookie said...

too funny. but you do really gotta watch out for them suitcase atomic bombs... they'll getcha! yeeha!