Thursday, October 4, 2007

Delicious Dinner, Dangerous Dessert

BR: "Ah wint to the grosrey store thuther day, baut me a steak. It wuz sevin dollers 'n it wuz barely 'nuf fer me. It'z cheaper to eat out then eat in, not countin' gaas. We go to thet Ahlive Gardun thet's rahyt 'round the corner frum us. Soop 'n salid 'n breadstix is the only thang Ah lahyke there. The lunch is fahyve nineny-nine 'n the dinner is sevin nineny-nine. Yew getcha two big bowls'a that soop 'n that'z plenny. Last tahyme we wint there we came home with one'a them cheezecakes and wuz eatin' it fer lahyke a week. Ah tell yew wut, don't ever get a bad cheezecake, tho, it'll make ya sick!"

For those of you keeping score at home, $7.99 at Olive Garden is cheaper than the $7.00 steak (not counting gas, of course). I suppose you have to tip your butcher...

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